Top Ten Thursday - Mishaps

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

This kind of sh** only happens to me" - like trying to push open a door that clearly says  PULL. Or writing down your childhood phone number on an application form. 

Today let's list your top ten mishaps and help me feel better about my own clumsiness! 

  1. A couple of weeks after giving birth, hubby was looking after Colin so I could have some "me time". I went to the mall. Thought I would be in heaven and spend hours at the stores. Instead I was forcing myself not to text "how's it going, has he had his bottle yet, did he burp?" every couple of minutes. On my way home I stopped at a gas station. And yes, the unthinkable happened: I tried to drive off with the pump nozzle still in the tank!! Of course I didn't get far. But this was my hitting rock bottom moment where my sanity was concerned. This "Mommy Brain" was happening! Plus I got an invoice because apparently their appliance was damaged. What about my car, it was damaged, too? And the reason this could actually happen was that they charged me the wrong pump. I paid for somebody else's gas. Had they processed the right pump, they would have noticed that the nozzle was still in my car. Very unfortunate.
  2. Cars are always good for a blonde moment. Remember when vehicles had door lock knobs you could press down in order to lock your car without using your key? That's what I did after dropping our rental car at Miami Airport. The thing is, the key was in the ignition - just like the rental people requested. And the bags were in the trunk. Which was now locked. Uuuggggghhh!
  3. Have you ever put your Coke in the freezer to make it chill faster? It's a great concept in theory. Half an hour should about do the trick. I did it at the office one morning. I got a phone call, I got busy, I forgot about my soda. When I removed it about 90 minutes later it was still liquid. No harm done, I thought and opened the lid. I'll never forget the eruption that followed. I had to clean the entire office kitchen, plus I had to change my soaking wet T-Shirt. Obviously there is a scientific explanation. (Years later I used the Menthos plus Coke phenomenon at Colin's birthday party to mimic a volcano)
  4. Not being caffeinated yet is a catch 22: you make mistakes as you're trying to make your coffee: the other day I actually forgot to boil my water!! I did put it into my electric kettle, but I must have forgotten to press the button? I poured it over my ground coffee and waited 4 minutes. As I poured the contents through the sieve I thought it looked funny, but I still didn't notice. I went through the whole process, looking forward to the first sip - which tasted, needless to say, terrible!
  5. For what it's worth: A fellow part-time working mom absentmindedly put orange juice into her coffee. 
  6. My husband had a bad judgment moment too: Upon descending during a SWISS International Airline's flight you always get some chocolate. He thought he'd save it for later. Being a guy he doesn't carry a purse, he put it into his jeans' back pocket. He didn't look too good on his way through immigration ;-)))
  7. Sunblocker: for some reason I keep messing up protecting my skin: Upon my first visit in San Diego, my friend and her friends invited me to come along to check out the USS Midway aircraft carrier. I had only just arrived in town, so let's blame jet-lag. I thought of using sun cream for a brief moment. Then I looked outside. It was very gray and overcast. No need then, I said to myself. Spent the day out there, in a tank top and shorts. Ouch!!!
  8. Did I learn from it? One spring day, the year after, I was visiting a friend in North Carolina. While they went to the office, I had the apartment complex's pool to myself. I actually had the presence of mind to use sun blocker. The one I had the presence of mind to bring from back home. Where it must have been sitting in the bathroom cabinet for two or three summers. It must have had expired. I got the worst sunburn. Again.
  9. This one is a recurring one: sometimes, while running an errand at work, I squeeze in a quick visit to the grocery store to pick up some dinner. I put the items in the office fridge and promptly leave them there as I go home. Mom, what's for dinner?
  10. Showing up at Newark Liberty International Airport on time - when it should have been JFK. Full story and more travel fails here.
Those were my top ten for today. Looks like I don't mess up too badly, considering I had to sneak in other people's mishaps. I have never looked for my phone while talking on the phone, that's for sure. My phone has never turned up in the fridge, and I also never looked for my phone in the car - using my phone as a flashlight. I understand that's what other people do ;-)

What are things that keep happening to you? Let me know in the comments or link up your own post - can't wait!

What's next?

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