It's been a while that I've participated in A'lil Hoohaa's monthly photo blog challenge. 

Just two weeks ago I had a stressful time because some kid broke my son's glasses while playing soccer, so I took it as a sign to do the February challenge. The subject, you've guessed right, is glasses! 

Of course my main focus is not the glasses that help you to see better, though. You know me a little bit by know, don't you. I had to dig a bit deep into my picture archive; I just didn't have the opportunity to clink that many glasses this month, I hope you understand.

So here goes. Cheers! 

PS: A new Hockey Mom friend who's from Greece taught me how to say Cheers in Greek, it's Yamas!

Here's a glass of red wine, most probably some fruity Cabernet Sauvignon, with a million dollar view. This is the Red Cliffs Lodge and Castle Creek Winery in Moab, Utah, a spectacular place, perched on the banks of the Colorado River. When we were visiting in 2016 we had our - rather crappy - accommodation in the town of Moab but next time we'll make sure to book a room at this fabulous lodge!

One of my son's happy places is Yoojis, where he not only enjoys to eat the sushi but to order them via tablet or to grab them from the train. Very entertaining! We usually frequent the one at the mall, meaning we drive there, and we order mango juice. One particular time though - it was Colin's first Career Day back in November - we traveled by train, and I had a glass of bubbly to celebrate the occasion.

Speaking of celebrating, this was hubby's birthday surprise in 2017, outdoor fondue at Engelberg's Igloo Village, situated at a good 6,000 feet. If you look closely you can see that he's wearing his regular glasses over his sunglasses. He claims it's better that way.

A shot glass of Valentine's raspberry something, I don't remember what it was exactly. I can tell you where it was, though. The Sky Lounge, my favorite panorama bar on the premises of Colin's hockey arena. I don't hang out there often, though. Why, you may ask? If I like it that much? (You should see the view, actually, hold on, you can see it here)  If I'm going to have a drink, it won't be on an empty stomach. And they don't start serving food till 6pm. That's almost time to pick up the kids from practice. Boo.

Valentine's Day was important to my 10 year old son this year! He asked for my help to make some cookies for his girlfriend. And for you, Mommy, he quickly added. Well done, smartie! He invited her to the movies and had the 3D glasses ready.

Those were my five, I hope you enjoyed them. For more Glasses head over to A 'lil Hoohaa's blog and check out the other contributions. 


  1. Some nice views there (I went back to see the Skybar one), through the glasses! ☺ And a little bubbly is always good. Too bad about Colin's glasses! Those are so expensive to replace. Interesting that your hubby put his regular glasses over the sunglasses. Wouldn't clip-on shades be a bit easier? I used those in the 60s and 70s. Maybe they don't make them anymore?

  2. What a wonderful place to have fondue. It's a great idea too because at least the food stays hot!

  3. Very glad to see you back for this month's challenge! Sorry to hear about your son's glasses. Those are so expensive to replace. I agree with the million dollar view! Looks good through the glass too. I'm very much done with anything related to snow and igloos this year! And, it sounds like you're raising a great future man!

  4. I love the glasses over glasses approach. Great shots for the theme. Thanks for sharing and have a great month. Sylvia D.

  5. Your boy already has a girlfriend?! :O

  6. OMG 10 year olds have girlfriends nowadays? I'm scared for my daughters :o

  7. Your son sounds adorable, at 10 I'd have been very impressed with that Valentines treat, in fact my husband doesn't even make that much effort...! I love your photos, the bubbly looks very enticing.

  8. I always get a kick out of 3D glasses. Some look good, some not so good. Only have seen one 3D movie and it was pretty wild.


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