St. Patrick's Day 2019

Same procedure as every year... As soon as my birthday is in the books, it's time to prep for St. Patrick's Day, my favorite holiday! Never mind that I'm one of the very few Swiss people celebrating it. 

We have been partying with the same friends with Shepherd's Pie for a couple of years, actually I think the kids can't even remember a time when there wasn't a green holiday in their lives!

Colin had asked me to make the scavenger hunt harder, and I did. On the back side of the easy assignment cards there were trivia questions about Ireland, see for yourself how you'd do:

Ireland is home to … million people, and the capital city of Dublin has a population of … people:

A: 5.4 / 488’000
B: 6.4 / 1.27 million
C: 3.2 / 363’000

List of countries by beer consumption:

Ireland ranks A) fourth, B) fifth, C) sixth

Which of the following surnamesare the most common in Ireland?

A: Evans, Jones, Williams
B: Smith, Brown, Wilson
C: Kelly, Ryan, O’Sullivan

What did Ireland win in the following years: 1970, 1980, 1987, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1996:

A: the Eurovision Song Contest
B: the Guinness Six Nations Championship (Rugby)
C: the Beer Mile

For which famous movies has Ireland notbeen used as a location:

A: Star Wars
B: James Bond (Tomorrow never dies)
C: Harry Potter
What’s the name of the river that runs through the center of Dublin:

A: Liffey
B: Thames
C: Water of Leith

What landmarksare located in Dublin:

A: Guiness Brewery, Gravedigger Ghost Tour, Obelisk Fountain
B:  Royal Yacht Britannia, National Gallery of Modern Art, Arthur’s Seat
C: Pierhead Building, Statue of Sir Gareth, Water Tower

Which of the following longest place names is located in Ireland:

A: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrn-drobwllllantysiliogogogoch
B: Bullaunancheathrairaluinn
C: Rhosllannerchrugog

Where was the Titanic built?

A: Williams and Parkinson Boat Builders, Wallingford
B: Marine House, Surrey
C: Harland and Wolff Shipyard, Queen’s Island, Belfast
If you want to catch a rugby gamein Dublin, what stadium will you visit:

A: Arms Park
B: Aviva Stadium
C: Murrayfield Stadium

They're a bunch of smart guys, and it didn't take long for them to find their treat baggies.

Let's see... berry gummies, chocolate gold coins, smarties filled chocolate eggs...

They still appreciated the rainbow fruit skewers - prepared by my junior chef no less! He did have a meltdown when he dropped all the blueberries on the floor after it had taken him half an hour to rinse them, and I had to do some Mom magic to get him to finish his job, but he did great!

Slightly less healthy, but super yummy: Luck O'the Irish Brownies

I do love that he doesn't mind hugging me in the presence of his cool pre-teen friends!

When they were gone, we retreated to our team's fourth playoff game against Lugano, an Italian part team. Our guys had won the three previous matches (in a best of seven series), and we were hopeful that they were gonna seal the sweet deal. Took 'em two overtimes, and it got really late, but they did it!!! What an achievement!

📸: @iziophotography, Felix Klaus
The Italian Swiss part's TV showed a nice sense of humor doctoring a picture of their players packing their bags and leaving for spring break - way earlier than they hoped to.

The next morning hubby and son actually slept in - which is unusual for the youngster. Gave me the leprechauns time to pull a couple pranks: 

Colin's medal collection is ever so growing. His newest addition is one awarded for winning the Leprechaun Cup - not entirely sure what it consists in!?

His hockey bag's got the team logo, only that the original is blue. The leprechaun couldn't have that. They dyed it green:

The did the same thing to his autograph 

Every product that doesn't come in green package had to go from the shower as well:

A nice rainbow appeared on our fridge's door

Hubby drinks Nespresso. The leprechauns removed all but the green capsules. Those are his favorite anyway.

Speaking of drinking... they left their empty beer cans in Colin's boots:

In case we had not noticed... They left a hint for today's date:

How about you, do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? What do you like about it?


  1. I personally do not celebrate St Patrick's Day but many do

  2. This is brilliant and makes me want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day next year!

  3. I didn't know St. Patrick's Day was celebrated in your corner of the world. No corned beef and cabbage? That's what people around here seem to like. I took a restful day and did nothing.

  4. It's celebrated here a little, but we don't celebrate it (even though we gave the Barbarians Celtic names). I didn't know many of the answers but I did know that the longest town name (answer A) is Welsh :)

  5. WOW so nice!
    That brownie looks so good.


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