Time Capsule 2019

Welcome to the last post of this year. I started the Time Capsule Tradition two years ago. Here are the previous editions: 2017 and 2018.

It's really fun to put together the best of the expiring year. So let's see about my 2019:

On a snowy day, my Mom, Colin and I visited the penguins at the Zurich Zoo.

Two brothers from the Czech Republic visited our boys for hockey practice.

Colin made these gorgeous and delicious cookies for Valentine's Day. He let me have some, but the main purpose was to give them to a girl... whom he also invited to the movies!

Hubby's birthday!

My sweet Grandma celebrated her 99th birthday. Sadly, later that year, she passed away. Even though it was a relief for her, she's being missed.

Visitation Day at Colin's school.

Our hockey team not only made it to the playoffs but to the finals!

During the playoffs. we even met Mario Rottaris, a former player legend who acts as a TV co-commentator 

It was the battle between the bulls and the bears. Sadly we ended up losing to SC Bern (the bears).

Later that year, Zug, our hockey town, hosted the Swiss wrestling festival, so our bull dressed up accordingly.

Our season may have come to an end, but there's always a friend still playing... Colin met Gregor at last year's career day.

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day at our house.

Successful yard sale. Colin got rid of his toys and books he was no longer playing with...

and made enough money to purchase new stuff.

Easter at our house... eggs painted with hockey logos ;-)

He dyed some regular Easter eggs, too.

Picking up my Mom at the airport after her stay at my brother's in Israel.

It was a huge shock to learn that my wonderful fitness instructor and friend Vicky passed away. Her grown-up kids made the farewell party as wonderful as a sad occasion could be.

My sweet son made some heart shaped pancakes for Mother's Day.

I got the rest of the day off and went to explore in Zurich.

Our office celebrated its 25th anniversary. We invited our coworkers and their families to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Waiting at the gate for our flight back to Zurich, Switzerland, we met the Seattle Sounders' youth team. "What are you guys doing here?" 

Turned out they were gonna play in the FIFA youth cup. Moooom, can we go? Pleeeeaaaaaaase? And this is how this Hockey Mom attended a soccer tournament with her son and his friends.

Bi-annual youth festival in Staufen. Colin and his friends played outdoor floor ball, coached by their lovely teacher, Ms Regel.

American Classic Car Meeting in Sulgen. It was a super hot day, and I didn't stay long, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

Inspired by these gigantic cherries at a local farm I made a chocolate cherry cheesecake to celebrate seven years of blogging and my 800th post!

Summer break, time for a day trip to Geneva!

And Bern, our capital.

It was a very hot summer, and we loved the strawberry lime slushy at SBUX

Hubby and I celebrated 15 years of marriage. 

For the fun of it I run our picture through FaceApp. I wonder how many years they added to our faces? Either way, I'm happy to see the food didn't change at all ;-)

Colin and his teammates left for hockey camp.

For this lovely hockey family it was the last time to participate. They were moving (back) to Australia shortly after the summer break. They've since been sending pictures of beaches and surf boards.

Is it just me or does C look more athletic every year upon pick-up?

And just like that, summer break was over. Colin started 6th grade and my niece Liv joined the Israeli army.

While hubby and son enjoyed their annual father kids weekend together with a bunch of other Dads and children, I went on my own Mom me-time outing.

Random lunch at D & D

Ice practice started while it was still 30° C (86° F) outside. 

Time to reconnect with an old coworker on the sports bar's terrace.

 Zurich Gay Pride decked the streets!


One of the distinct highlights of this year was the ice practice day Colin and two dozen other young hockey players won with Nino Niederreiter in Arosa.

The Swiss Women's team's head coach was on the ice too - say hello to Florence Schelling!

Rare occasion of a pizza night out with my best friend. 

Whaaaat? Mom's been to Israel again? Well, we always love to pick her up at the airport.

My ex-boyfriend from way back finally got married, and I couldn't be happier for the two of them. 

As soon as school started, Colin turned 11! He celebrated with his friends, throwing a murder mystery party.

 As for his hockey friends - pizza night across the street from the arena.

His godfather joined us for a special night out.

When did my little boy become this young man?

My elementary and high school classmate who moved (back) to Italy with his family before graduation, wrote a book about being an immigrant and a stranger in either country, Switzerland and Italy, and it's hugely successful. For his book presentation and signing, he brought his parents to their old home town for the first time in over 30 years. It was a very emotional reunion.

Of course I rounded up the gang!

Fall break! Colin had wanted to visit Paris for a long time, and this is where we were headed! 

Who's a happy / lucky guy?

We all are!

We spent the second part of our vacation in the Italian and French speaking part of Switzerland. Lake Lugano.

Nufenen Pass

Matterhorn, Zermatt - view from Gornergrat, 3,125 meters = 10,285 feet


Back home, it's time to start thinking about Halloween and visiting Jucker Farm, my favorite pumpkin patch.

Bumping into an old SBUX friend. turns out the reason I didn't see her at her store anymore is that she's now managing the entire district, way to go!

Our team successfully played in the Champions Hockey League and did well against renowned European teams like Tappara Tampere, HC Pilsen, HPK Hämeelinna and Rungsted Seier Capitals. As for Colin and I - we had our own seconds of fame when our Instagram post was shown on the arena's score board.

Back to the real world I tracked down a few unicorn around a town called Dübendorf, a Zurich suburb.

Never a dull day at work. One day a cute cat walked into our office and decided to take a nap in my binder.

This year I felt summer stretched out long, and fall came and went within two weeks?

Working on blog with friends' prompt, "Booo!" Converting shower gel bottles into mummy, witch, Jack'o'Lantern and Dr Frankenstein.

Bat Cupcakes and skull mugs - 'tis the time I probably enjoy more than Christmas...

Who are those scary guys?

The Springboks, the South African rugby team won the world championship finals. A great thing not only sports-wise but for this nation that needs hope and spirit.

Career day at our office. Colin and his new buddy did a great job checking goods inward and deserved some time off to upcycle the cardboard boxes.

I was somewhat obsessed about Chocolate Chai Cupcakes this Holiday season.

An event asks to bring baked goods? I've got it covered...

Hubby and I were invited to Arosa's humor festival. It was gonna be the only time we got to enjoy snow.

And an outdoor cheese fondue.

It was probably going to be the last time we got to enjoy daily Elf on the Shelf visits.

I know it looks as if I'm drinking with my friend all the time. Actually it's the other way around. The few times we even manage to get together throughout the year ,we are so happy we have to celebrate and take a picture of the occasion. Make sense? 

This time, for example, was between dropping Colin off for a hockey game and the actual puck drop. A matter of half an hour until I had to leave again...

And how did the guys do...?

I love that he's equally interested in playing sports and in reading books. It's all about balance.

It's not Christmas before having visited the Coca-Cola Truck!

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Another year over - thanks for being part of it! Have a wonderful 2020!


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