Welcome back to another episode of A'lil Hoohaa's monthly photo blog challenge. This month, PJ, our host, picked "Money" for us to interpret. 

Whoa, I live in Switzerland, this should be easy for me! We are the land of milk and honey milk chocolate and money, and there's lots that money can buy.

I had this great idea - or so I thought - to take a picture of Tina Turner's house. After all she lives in a Zurich suburb, nicknamed Gold Coast, right at the lake. I have seen a tabloid picture taken from a boat, it looks like a castle in a park.

Too bad that this is as far as you can get from the landside:

Since it was mid-morning I didn't dare to ring the bell ;-)

The sign says "no deliveries before 12am - I think it's actually supposed to be 12pm, no?

Algonquins are indigenous of North America, not sure why her mansion would be called that way. She may not have named the property herself, though. I heard she only rents the place, and the actual owner still inhabits the upper floor and occupies the boat house. 

To make your visit worth your while, here's what Tina must see when she looks out her window to the East  - I took this shot literally a minute's walk away. I'll say that's a million bucks' view!

Back to real people's lives, though. Here are a couple of things that money can't buy:


Since I am in this picture I clearly didn't take it myself. Consider it February's bonus picture. You may already have met my best friend D in other posts. Our sons are growing up together, they were best friends up until a year or two ago. I'm glad they still reasonably like each other and don't mind hanging out while us Moms do our thing!


For the equivalent of a small fortune, however, you may get a fancy heart shaped Valentine's cake from Sprüngli, Zürich's prestigious bakery. 


Colin got a blow this his head during a hockey game. He complained about headache and light sensitivity. We made him rest, reduced screen time and canceled practice and other athletic activities on a day to day basis for over a week. He seemed fine. After ten days he noticed his pupils had a visibly different size. 
By the time we made it to the ER and got seen by a doctor, it was gone. They confirmed that he had a concussion, but ruled out brain bleeds or worse. 

Fun fact: this nurse and I share our date of birth - even though I may be a year or two older. How do I know this? Nurses dropped in every half hour for a neuro check. In order not to ask for Colin's date of birth every time, they asked about mine, his Dad's, etc. That's how we found out. 

I enjoyed meeting her, since this year (Monday, to be exact, don't forget to send flowers!) will be the first time ever that I have to celebrate my birthday without my sweet Grandma. 

In view of the spreading Corona virus, while you can't buy yourself a ticket to staying healthy, what you can do, however, is to throw together some ingredients (or you finally manage to get to Freiruum at a time their food booths are actually open) and for a few bucks, enjoy yourself a nice poké bowl.

Those were my five, I hope you enjoyed them. 

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  1. That is a beautiful million dollar view! 😍 I can imagine Tina's house is spectacular, too.

    So true, some of the most important things in life can't be bought. Without your health, love or friends, it would be a miserable existence, no matter how wealthy!

    Glad to know Colin's concussion wasn't too serious. Sincere condolences about your grandmother. 💗 Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, regardless! 🥂🍾

    My entry: MONEY, HONEY!

  2. I'll take the million dollar view and the red heart cake. Gorgeous.
    Happy Birthday!
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  3. Excellent interpretation of the theme! And concussions are no fun. I've only had one once in my life, but I didn't like it -- that's for sure. And those photos from that bakery ... yes please!

  4. I always appreciate how you have such an upbeat tone in your blog posts, even when they touch on difficult topics like friends growing apart, health scares and the loss of a loved one. And also how you always take care to provide sneak peeks into life in Switzerland - those Valentine's cakes look amazing! Belated Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one.


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