I spy with my eye

Welcome back to the February edition of A 'lil HooHaa's Photo Blogging Challenge. 

This month the prompt is I spy with my eye, and let me begin by telling you, I spied a lot of cool things. However, it mostly happened while I was driving with no possibility to stop the car and get out. 

One encounter was a gorgeous Arctic owl sitting on a butt on a snow-covered field. 

So I decided to recreate a similar scenery. Here's what I did: drove to my beloved Swiss Canadian store and took a picture of these adorable bear and racoon. They are wooden animals for decoration, but I think they look pretty genuine? 

So I removed the background, which was the store window display, and I "planted" them in our snowy garden, and I am pretty pleased with my editing skills ;-)

Because it was so much fun, I did another one. I spied this ski gondola in an commercial parking lot. It was supposed to lure passersby to a shed that sells smelly fries and other fried food. Unfortunately the surroundings are ugly. Removed background, planted in an urban traffic roundabout. Boom! Yes, it does look a little unnatural, but trust me, this is better than the original!

How cute are these doghouses in front of the Harbor Restaurant? Restaurants are still closed, but doghouses are always open, right? Especially our very own one at home. Hubby can tell you all about it, he's been living in it for a day or two.

This lockdown is no joke, I feel for the families that have been locked in together for weeks and months.

We had really cold days in February. Not Canada-like cold, but -10°C (14°F) was unpleasant enough, especially with some icy winds on top. Have I mentioned restaurants and shops are closed, no thanks to the pandemic? And they removed indoor benches at the supermarket? 

Where are hockey moms supposed to go and wait for their kids during practice?

They get so desperate they order takeout from Mr Big's and eat it in their car! 

They are also super happy and grateful once a forerunner of the springs makes an appearance. 

Sun? Blue sky? Yes, please!

Off I went to check out a bucket list item in the city of Zurich - the Corbusier Pavilion at the lake shore. It is an art museum dedicated to the work of the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier. It's currently closed, but I was more interested in the architecture than in the furniture anyway.

On my way home I spied with my little eye that the drive through car wash I thought was closed was actually open. I wasn't sure if it was because it was Saturday, and every Swiss guy likes to wash his car on Saturday? Be that as it may, my vehicle was in desperate need of a good scrub down, so I went for the "platinum treatment". Who knew it was also going to turn out as a brilliant photo opportunity? 

What did you spy with your eye in February? Let me know in the comments below and don't miss my fellow bloggers' contributions over at  A 'lil HooHaa's blog.


  1. Nicely done with the photo editing skills! I've been known to take many shots during family photos just so I can "fix" someone's face who wasn't ready/paying attention/just being a jerk etc. And, I'm also amazed at the photo opportunities at the car wash! One of my favorite textures was one I snapped as the multi-colored soap was running down the windshield! Great selection of spying with your little eye. xoxox

  2. Beautiful photos. The dog houses are adorable and taking a photo in the car wash is genius!

  3. I've always been intrigued by car washes that allow you to ride in the car. In California, they don't allow it, or at least none of the ones I've ever utilized.

  4. Love it - don't like the background, change it out for a better one. If only we could make changes to other things we don't like just as easily. So many bright colours in this post, a perfect bright spot in my Friday afternoon.

  5. I'm not much for swapping backgrounds with photos, but yours came out well. I usually tend to chalk things up to the setting they were in .. even if it's not a good one. Which is unfortunate. And I love doing photos and videos in the carwash. Always something cool comes out of it. Nice work!


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