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Welcome to March's Secret Subject Swap

Again 5 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is

What is your favorite springtime meal?

It was submitted by: Wandering Web Designer  - thank you, Rena!

Just making sure I understand this prompt correctly:

It was my birthday on Tuesday. Whatever menu I put together, you'll cook for me. 

Right? Cake, too?


OK, now that this is settled, let's see...

How about we start off with a young spinach salad with grilled green asparagus, fresh strawberries and balsamic vinegar.

Then I'd love a plate with some wild Teriyaki glazed salmon, along with grilled pineapple. No carbs necessary, we'll have dessert, thankyouverymuch.

What will it be? Cheesecake - either plain or with some fresh berries and a doppio espresso.

Sounds really nice.

You know what, though? I bet you are just as tired of home cooking as I am.

Let's go to Souplantation instead. 

Grab a tray and hit the salad buffet.

Find a table, sit down, enjoy. 

When we ate at a Souplantation restaurant for the very first time about ten years ago, 

we began to wonder where all the other guests found the pasta, pizza and other food they were parading as they walked past our table. 

To our surprise there was another buffet at the very back of the large dining room. That's where you got to go after working through the healthy stuff! 

This made us laugh. They make people eat veggies as a requirement to be allowed to the "real" food.

Sadly, as a result of the pandemic, Souplantation closed all their locations and filed for bankruptcy last spring. 

So I can't travel to visit Rena in the U.S., end even if I could, we wouldn't be able to hit the nice buffet.

What's left? 

Stay at home and make lasagna for the gazilionth time? 

Brave yourself every once in a while to try something new. Like ordering some very questionable Nachos at Mr Big's.?

This week we got some restrictions lifted by our government. Shops were allowed to reopen, so I thought it'd be nice to meet a friend for a quick takeout bite at the mall. However, she told me all in- and outdoor seating had been removed. Even at the freaking tram 🚋 stop.

Pandemic 😷 measures have come down to eating takeout 🥡 in your car 🚘. All the while you can see huge crowds chatting and smoking everywhere outside. No masks, no distancing. Am I in the wrong movie?

Switzerland's vaccination process is dragging its feet. My Dad, who's not only in the age category (75 and older) but also considered high-risk because of Coronary Artery Disease, registered at the beginning of this year and got his first dose last weekend. 

We heard, however, that a certain right-wing politician, who just celebrated his 70th birthday in December (and the entire population knew about it because not only did he throw a party, his parliament buddies sang and played brass-band music, all of which was strictly forbidden for regular people. There were no Christmas concerts, no kids' birthday parties, no eggnog get-togethers) jumped the queue and got his first dose a month ago. 

When it came to light, he stated he wasn't going to need the second dose - because he was such a tough guy. Not only is it incredibly stupid not to complete a medical cycle, but as a federal council he should serve as a role model, especially for all the vaccination critics. 

How did I end up talking about politics instead of asparagus and strawberries?

There must be a conspiracy... Maybe the blue sparkling wine I drank did something to me?

Be that as it may. Restaurants are still closed. There's no audience allowed at the hockey games. There are no benches at the mall. Hopefully better news next month. Fingers crossed.

Stay healthy - and do some blog reading! Please visit my friends' posts!


  1. It's hard to talk about anything without bringing in politics, covid has taken over our lives and politicians have decidedly and deliberately made it worse, with dire consequences.
    Although your meal plan sounds delicious, I could just go for the sparkling wine out in the sunshine (and maybe I will, cheers).

  2. I have read and thought about a comment and I have no idea of a comment

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! Come visit me here in SC and I'll cook for you for as long as you like as long as you're not picky. I'm not a great cook, but we've survived this long I guess lol. My husband grills a mean steak though! Your politician sounds like the one we just got rid of. I'm just come to the realization that men are idiots. If there were more female leaders we wouldn't have been in the position we've all been in. I haven't been inside of a restaurant in so long I can't even remember. I'm so sick of eating at home or in my car. Yesterday I was traveling through KY and I ran into the gas station/McDonalds to get a tea. Now there are signs everywhere. We will not wait on you without a mask. Every employee and every customer had on a mask EXCEPT a family with six children under 10 and the mother and father. I was appalled. I don't why I've seen it over and over. She was mad because they couldn't eat inside even though KY has one of the highest rates right now. I said yeah you're supposed to wear masks too (just couldn't help myself) and she said, "Oh we're exempt". I said that must feel amazing to be exempt from getting the disease. To bad everyone isn't and walked out. I felt so much better. I've never done something like that before, but I'm tired and I'm angry that people like this are dragging this out. Sorry for the rant lol. My post is up.


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