20 Days of Chill / Ultimate Blog Challenge - Who am I?

In "Analyze this" Billy Crystal plays Dr. Ben Sobel, a psychiatrist, who involuntarily treats a mob boss (Paul Vitti). He even gets convinced forced to attend a meeting of the mafia family bosses, posing as Vitti's consigliere. 

One of the rival families' guys asked "Who is this guy and what the fuck is he doing here?"

This is Sobel's answer:

Who I am, WHO I AM, who am I, who am I is a question for the ages. That’s one we are all searching for, to find out who I am, who’s in there, who wants to come out and say, hey, I'm hungry. Who I am is too deep and prof-, almost, you gotta go in deep and pull out the thing like with the movie with the thing came out of the stomach and up the people on the fucking spaceship, may they rest in peace. My name is Ben Sobol... lione. Ben Soblione. I'm also known as Benny the Groins, Sammy the Snoz, Elmer the Fudd, Tubby the Tuba, and once as Miss Fillis Lavine, but that was at a party, it was years ago, I smoked a te-te-bet and I had a quc-ca-lude and suddenly, I'm in fishnets and singing show tunes. These things happen, but it has nothing to do with what I'm here with you fine gentlemen today so I apologize. That being said, I am also known to the people who know me the best, as the fucking doctor. The second part of the question that you "axed" me is why I am here. I am here representing Mr. Paul Vitti as his consigiligiliere...(stumbling over the word)

I hope you've enjoyed this little discourse. Getting back to being serious.

Hi, I am Tamara, a part-time working Hockey Mom in Switzerland, this pretty much sums it up. 

If you were part of the November UBC, or you want to learn more, here's some of my favorite music,  some insight about what inspires me, I also shared what I like to do for fun or a random day in the life of...  

Ask anyone what describes me best, and they will probably tell you one of the following:

  • She's always cheerful and optimistic.
  • She's fluent in several languages.
  • She is the person who is up to date on everyones contact data and will organize class reunions and other get-togethers. 

When we had one for our elementary school almost ten years ago, I sat across from my teacher for dinner. He brought a binder, in which he collected memorabilia about us kids: pictures from field trips and other outings, drawings we gifted him, newspaper clippings of some of my classmates' athletic successes, you get the picture.

Almost at the end, there was a hand-written letter, and I recognized my own handwriting when I was about 12 years old.

It said something like:

Dear classmates,

Soon our ways will part, and we will attend different schools.

Wouldn't it be great to have some sort of farewell outing? Here's the plan:

Insert exact dates, timetables for the bus, ticket prices for the bus, entrance fees for the indoor swimming pool and "what to bring" as in bathing suit, towel,...

I was stunned. I had no recollection of having written this. I also could not remember if we actually went?

The teacher smiled. 

"Looks as if you were quite the party planner back then already."

Ha, no kidding. It bugged me that I had forgotten about it though. 

It seems I'm also a person who likes a challenge. This is why I'm doing two writing challenges this month: 

20 Days of Chill. Today's prompt is "Who am I?" - go see what the other bloggers had to say here.

The Ultimate Blog Challenge, and as of 3:45pm, which is when we had to leave the house for practice, no prompt was in my e-mail, so consider this the first "crossover post".


  1. It doesn't surprise me that you don't remember -- I was going through papers from my parents house and there was so much stuff that I had absolutely no recollection of. LOL You can just imagine that youal went to the get-together you "planned" at age 12 and had a great time!

    Fun post!

  2. You're post brings up a lot of good memories. Being a hockey mom of a 10 year old step and trying to remember anything while juggeling car-pools, making lunches, working and house stuff. Fun read!

  3. I love finding things from my past that relate to what I am doing today. Kind of cool about your party planning carrying over from your high school days! Fun post, Tamara!

  4. Thank you for the laugh, there is a lot we don't remember

  5. Amazing how we find things like that about ourselves that we forgot.

  6. I loved the quote from Analyze This. It's been such a long time since I saw that movie but as I read it, I could hear Billy Crystal's voice in my head saying the lines and I laughed all the way through it. Thank you. I love to laugh and it's a great way to end my day.

  7. Every day this month, I have managed to read your double-whammy blog posts and every day, I intend to comment, for I very much enjoy your posts, but I mostly fail. I particularly enjoyed learning the true depth and breadth of being a "Hockey Mom"! But today the gods of my schedule have given me time to post a comment - Happy New Year, Tamara!

  8. You had those impeccable organizational skills at such a young age already! ☺ Too bad you don't remember doing that, but it was certainly a glimpse into your future. To always be cheerful and optimistic is something I aspire to. Good stuff! And, thanks for the laugh re: Analyze This. Such a funny movie.

  9. Funny thing - I watched that movie but cannot remember much of it, except that I didn't really care for it. I'm not one for zany comedy. I might have to watch it again. I might appreciate it more. Love your photo. You come through in writing and pictures.

  10. OK, so what languages are you fluent in? :)

    Also, as for planning. While I am also one to plan things out a little bit, I am also one who avoids class reunions at all costs. The people who I was friendly with in school, I already keep in touch with. Others... no need to see again. I know others who are the complete opposite of me, and I think it's pretty cool.

    And even cooler the teacher had all of that still.


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