Outdoor Activities

Welcome back to another episode of A'lil Hoohaa's monthly photo blogging challenge. May's theme is "Outdoor Activities", and even though we've had some nasty, rainy days, the month of May was long enough to catch some sunny ones, too.

So here goes:

I'm not your average outdoorsy person, so I'm not going to tell you about hiking, camping and the like. In the first picture we are on our way to another 50th birthday that took place in a vineyard cabin with no access for cars, so this is as much nature walk as you're going to see from me ;-) I did think it was lovely, though!

For Cinco de Mayo, a friend and I indulged in participating in a Tex Mex cooking class. After our hard work we got to enjoy our delicious lunch at the patio. What a treat!

On Pentecost Monday - which is a day off for us - we went to the Zurich Airport area to welcome our National lce Hockey Team. They won silver medals at this year's World Championship in Denmark. The taller gentleman is Raphael Diaz, our captain. The youngster is my son who certainly hopes to switch roles one day!

Besides the various ethnic foods, one of the highlights at this year's international festival (an end of school year event at a local international school) was the "Dunk the Teacher" booth. So much fun! 

Colin's summer practice is in full swing, and I'm still a bit hungover from the A-Z blogging challenge in April, so instead of spending my time writing at Starbucks, I run errands or explore the area. This is an old viaduct that serves as railroad tracks. They're thinking of developing the space underneath, which I think is a great idea.

Bonus Picture (I obviously didn't take it myself), my friend and I enjoying a well deserved, girlie, pink bottle of bubbly on occasion of our kids' field and track race.

I hope you liked my collection of pictures and are ready to check out the other contributions - just head over here.