Keep Cool

Welcome back to another episode of A'lil Hoohaa's monthly photo blogging challenge. July's theme is "Keep cool" and isn't that a fantastic recommendation... We're going through a major heat wave here in Switzerland. 

We're expecting another 97°F today, and for the entire week for that matter. I don't do well with high temps. At least it isn't all too humid.

There are a lot of articles out there telling us what to do in order to keep cool. I followed their advice to stay hydrated!

While we don't do it every day, I do love me a happy hour. We ordered hese cool drinks on occasion of our 14th wedding anniversary which we spent on the terrace of a panorama restaurant that is located on the 10th floor of a downtown building. We're in Switzerland, so that's prettty tall ;-)

Why three drinks? We brought our son Colin. So the one on the left is actually alcohol free.

Drinking lots of bottled water at home and the office produces lots of empty bottles which I regularly take to our  local recycling paradise.

Sometimes people think certain materials are too precious to throw away, and they create art: This friendly whale is entirely made from PET bottles. I thought they did a fabulous job!  The youth festival it was created for was themed "twice", and we can see why! 

If you must drive a car make it one that doesn't need fossil oil. Additionally, be cool and fabulous by driving a convertible. That's exactly what the kds did at the fairground.

As for us adults we like to hide underneath umbrellas. Also note how the residents of the light blue building shut their shutters to keep the heat out. This is in the Old Town of our neighbor city.

Yesterday we had to get up at 5:15am to take Colin to his meeting place. This bus was taking about 50 kids aged 9 - 12 to hockey camp that takes place in the mountains. While the rest of us is literally sweltering at the office, the guys train on indoor ice rinks twice a day. Also their average temp is 77°F. Lucky guys. Can't wait till Saturday. That's when we get to pick him up at Engelberg mountain resort, it'll be a nice day trip for several reasons.

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