Top Ten Thursday - Sit Down

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

Today it's time for another photo scavenger hunt. How about we do it a bit differently this time? The theme is sit down, and you're supposed to take ten pictures of benches, chairs, seats.

When I started taking pictures I made the mistake to just snap away without paying attention to where it even was and what I was going to write, so here I am, winging it. Or googling. So this one must be the outdoor bar of the Reithalle (German for riding hall) that is a restaurant these days.

Next up: A Sushi place in Zurich's business district - about two hours too early for lunch. I liked taking pictures of empty seats better than with random people that probably don't want to be photographed.

Good thing the name of is actually in the picture! I thought it was a motorbike accessory place, but it looks like this store just sells stylish Street-, Workwear and Outdoor Gear. I liked the "bench" in front of it. 

How about this lakeside outdoor lounge? A comfy seat with a view!

In Engelberg, the mountain resort Colin and his hockey buddies spent the first week of August training hard on the ice, there was this store offering pedestrians a break literally where the grass is greener ;-) 

C and I enjoy frequenting bars ;-) Well, he does, and I don't mind tagging along, hahaha!  This one is not even called bar but Grand Café, and when I used to work at this city, the local hockey players used to hang out there. Looks like that's still the case today, cause this customer is definitely a hockey player.

If you have been following me for a while you may remember the killer pies I mention from time to time: Savory and fruity pies that prison inmates bake for us free folks every Wednesday. The felons also do other work, even custom orders like assembling mailings or timbering the wooden Eiffel Tower we painted as a birthday party activity in 2013 or our pretty  St. Patrick's Day Rainbow. Speaking of rainbows, they may have gotten inspired by our ideas and painted this bench that is placed right at the jail store's entrance. Pretty neat! It's actually for sale, but frankly this is what we spend for accommodation, food and gas plus shopping during an average road trip - so if I have the choice..!

This is Cha Cha, an Asian eatery with customer friendly opening (and kitchen) hours and free wifi - a true alternative to spending time at Starbucks while C is at hockey practice. They upcycled some wooden pallets to chairs, and I guess the table used to be a spool?

Colin's 10th birthday didn't fit into one day. On Monday, his actual birthday, his Daddy left for a business trip, so it was my Mom and I who took Colin out for a night of sushi and we had a seat at the conveyor belt, aka sushi train.

He may be 10 now, but he can't go to the city without checking out the toy store... Sitting down with giant teddy bears is not something you get to do every day!

His main party for his local school friends took place on Wednesday. On Friday he took a handful of his best hockey buddies out for pizza. The place is inside the shopping center just across the street from the arena, which was convenient, considering it was me and six guys hauling giant hockey bags...

As a last minute addition I laminated those placemats and had the guys sign - I will set ours aside and put it on eBay in about 10 years - those autographs will be worth a fortune!!!

This collection turned out pretty diverse - I'm curious, where would you like to take a seat? Let me know in the comments below or link up your own post!

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