December Secret Subject Swap - Hobbies

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash
Welcome to December's Secret Subject Swap. Again 8 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is

What was your childhood hobby?
Do you still do it?
Why or why not?

It was submitted by: The Lieber Family  - thank you, Rabia!

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Caroline and I met in the city and discussed whether the holiday made us feel more stressed out or we were able to enjoy the fun. I also had a mysterious meeting with Joël who asked for my help on how to propose - actually he asked for a friend.

I put together a glossary and a collection of links to help you (and myself) keep track of characters and happenings.

"I was at my friend Henry's house" Max tells me while he unpacks his school bag. Caroline is in the kitchen making coffee for us. 

"His Mom was very nice. She asked about how I liked school, if I made good friends and what my hobbies were, so I thought I'd ask about her work and her hobbies."

This made me chuckle inside. Alright - what did she say?

"She started laughing - then she went "I'm a Mom, I enjoy trips to the bathroom alone, naps and wine!"

Haha,  sounds about right!

If Max was puzzled he didn't show it. "Don't you have any hobbies? Stuff you liked to do when you were my age?"

I had a Secret Subject Swap prompt almost four years ago asking about my favorite toy as a kid. In that post I was talking about Lego, roller skating, reading, arts and crafts, Rubik's cube and the like. 

What I'm focussing on today though is this 70s cabinet / rack thing my parents had that held the components of their stereo equipment, think record player, cassette tape deck, radio. The lower compartment stored vinyl discs, albums and singles. 

Now use your imagination - what does a stereo cabinet have to do with a girl's favorite toy? It's not that I was allowed to play records on my own. Also the hippest music my parents were listening to back then was probably Neil Diamond.

That rack became my doll house! The record compartment served as a parking garage for my wooden convertible car that had four seats.

The other compartments were rooms. Kitchen, living room, playroom, bedrooms,… I don't think I had much real furniture. I made my own using Lego, cardboard boxes and other packaging items that I painted. 

I wish taking pictures wasn't restricted to holidays and vacations back then, so I could show it to you!

So I basically played house. I was a SAHM taking my two kids - a boy and a girl - to school, going groceries shopping, cooking… Sometimes there were playdates and birthday parties, and I drove back and forth to pick up my children's friends. You remember, my car had four seats only. And my kids were popular!  

I can't remember if I did laundry, too. 

Everything else was pretty much the way it is today, except I didn't have an office job. It was the late 70s, and none of my friends' mothers had a job outside the house. Also none of my kids played hockey, but all in all I feel I created a realistic preview of what I'm doing today. 

Photo Credit: my Mom

Side note: had I gotten this prompt let's say 15 - 20 years ago I would have paused and noticed that I wasn't doing anything I used to like as a kid. I did have a hectic career as a Human Resources person, juggling hiring and firing. It didn't include baking, hiding the Elf on the Shelf, cheering on hockey kids and the like, 

Still I was happy, yet overworked. Kind of interesting that I got back to my roots of sorts.

What was your favorite hobby back then? Is it still the case these days?