20 Days of Chill 2020 - Popcorn

Photo by Pylz Works on Unsplash

Welcome back to 20 Days of Chill. Today's prompt is 


Not sure why we're doing popcorn today and not on January 19, national popcorn day? Oh, I know. The 19th is a Sunday, and we don't post on Sundays.

I tend to only hear about these fun holidays when they're almost over anyway. 

So I told myself I need to get on top of these things and plan accordingly. 

That's why I consulted the full list and picked some upcoming dates that might be of interest for you as well: 
  • January 21: Squirrel Appreciation Day - I'm looking at you, Dawn!
  • January 27: Chocolate Cake Day
  • February 1st: Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
  • February 8: Laugh and get rich Day
  • February 9: National Pizza Day - I'm sure P.J. may appreciate this one
  • February 14: yes, it's Valentine's Day, but it's also Ferris Wheel Day - here's a challenge to combine the two!
  • February 27: International Polar Bear Day
  • March 9: Napping Day - don't miss it!
  • April 16: Wear Pyjamas to Work Day
And if you don't like any of those, you may always observe March 26. What's that? Make up your own Holiday Day.

So how does one observe national popcorn day? 

Duh, by enjoying some popcorn, of course!

It's up to you. Buy some at the grocery store, make some in the microwave, or take it up a notch and go to the movies. 

String some popcorn on a thread, boom, a necklace!

If you're up for a sticky mess, try to make unicorn popcorn. You'll need candy melt, food color spray and sprinkles:

Photo Credit: Living Life as Moms

If you're on social media, post a picture, using the hashtag #NationalPopcornDay.

Personally popcorn is not on top of my favorite treats list. I like them occasionally, and I acknowledge that they are super versatile. You may enjoy them salty or sweet, you may add flavours like chocolate / mint or caramel, but in general the artificial buttery smell at the movies makes me almost sick. 

Do you like popcorn? What's your favorite flavor? What are your plans with regards to national popcorn day (or any of the other suggested fun holidays?)

Let me know in the comments below. Hope you come back for 9 more days of chill! In the meantime why don't you visit my fellow bloggers' posts over here.

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  1. Popcorn is also not my favourite, I prefer nachos or crisps :)

  2. OMGosh, how did I NOT know about squirrel day??? AND I already have 2 post for that day. Sigh...okay, it may be a blog history first that I have 3 post that day!! LOL or I may just reschedule one. But thanks for letting me know. You know I'm totally excited about that and a few others you listed. I need to get a handle on my calendar again. I used to be current on all these holidays.
    Don't ya just love popcorn? But I'm with LadyLee, if given the choice, I'm going with nachos.

  3. I loves me some popcorn. And I am so off on those "national" days. I've thought about doing more with them but I always forget! I guess that means I will have to have some popcorn on Sunday!


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