Welcome back to another episode of A'lil Hoohaa's monthly photo blog challenge. 

For PJ, our host, it has been seven years that he's been doing this. In celebration of this anniversary, our pictures today will represent the figure seven!

I've been on board since 2017, so I have contributed to FourFive and Six.

Tetris has seven different shapes, and a few Christmasses ago I got ourselves this cool 1980s Tetris lamp. As long as the shapes are connected, you may place them however you like!

As I was saying, I've been doing these challenges for a while, and I anticipated this prompt. Good thing I took a picture here and there last month, because we have been locked down for a full two weeks now.

So in February I came across this bar? Hangout? Restaurant? It's called Seven Friday. Once this is all over, I want to go there for happy hour!

Arriving at Zurich main station, you may walk there or take the tram. Numbers six, seven, eleven or thirteen will take you there.

Next up, an anecdote that happened during my immersion with Starbucks in Seattle. The group consisted in about a dozen other new hires from Asia and Europe, and we were shuttled back and forth, visiting the coffee roasting plant, different types of coffee shops and the support center = HQ. Most of our time was scheduled, but we had some time off as well. Some of my new friends were planning to take a taxi to the mall, and I overheard one guy saying he wanted to purchase 7 jeans. Another guy was surprised. "Why that many?" he asked. He had never heard of the brand 7 for all Mankind. We had a good laugh, and he was being teased for the rest of our stay.

I guess back then you could exclusively buy them in the U.S. These days they can be found on shelves of Swiss department stores.

We don't have 7/11 convenience stores in Switzerland. We do have, however, 7 up soda, and this virtual cat wanted to share one with me. By the way I grew up believing cats have seven lives, but now I read it may be nine? Either way... Have you played around with these augmented reality animals that can be found on Google? So much fun!

Before you leave, here's my bonus picture, category throw back... I obviously took it on the 7th floor of the Glatt mall's parking garage when Colin was seven years old, God, how can he be 11 already? 

I hope you had fun with my pictures. Will you please visit my fellow bloggers' posts.


Wednesday, April 1st, the A - Z blogging challenge starts, ready or not! I'll be talking about all things Swiss, so don't miss it!


  1. love your "sevens" especially with Colin :)

  2. I love your 7 photos Tamara. Very creative, that 7 up cat made me laugh. Love seeing Colin so little and that Tetris lamp, so cool.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  3. Excellent takes on the prompt! 👌 I haven't tried the Google animals, but the cat looks cool.
    And I love your Tetris lamp! Perfect bonus pic, too.

  4. That augmented cat is sitting right where my real one would be. Great take on the theme!

  5. Good take for the month. But ... that Tetris lamp is really pretty cool. I like the look/shape and colors how it's set up. And the game was always fun, too!


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