My 900th Post ๐ŸŽ‰

I noticed that I totally missed the fact that three weeks ago, I published my official 900th post, so I decided to take a rain check and do a proper post to celebrate with you guys! 

Today's the day!

After all I also have another successful completion of the A - Z Blogging Challenge to revel in. I wrote about life in Switzerland, here's an overview in case you missed it.

With all the newfound free time I wanted to make a special treat, and as always, I came across recipes that sounded intriguing. 

Like a chocolate quinoa cake for example. YouTubers swear it's their families' favorite. While I didn't actively dislike it, I would probably not make it again, though. the consistency of the blended quinoa felt weird.

Later I read about cinnamon blondies. How come I have never heard of them before? I love all things cinnamon! Again, I was not impressed. They require a shh**load of sugar, and even though I did not use the full baking time, they turned out dry. Also, speaking of sugar, if the recipe asks for dark brown sugar - how are they supposed to be blondies?

Third time's a charm. Let's do cinnamon rolls, one of my favorite treats ever. With Starbucks (the only place in Switzerland that sells them) still closed, I had to make my own. I had tried myself at different recipes before, with different, but not satisfactory results. 

The ones I made for our international lockdown project, Day 11, Sweden, turned out pretty, but a bit dry.

I watched a lot of tutorials, and at some point I decided to consider two pro tips:

  1. Use shredded potatoes for extra moisture and fluffiness
  2. If the dough is a bit sticky you can add 1 - 2 tbsp additional flour (DO NOT add more than that though, the dough must be soft)

I ended up with a royal PIA mess. The dough was soft, yes, but still super sticky, and I was barely able to roll it out. Of course the filling spilled out and made everything even more sticky and messy. Look at this poor attempt at rolls.

I have to admit though, they were soft, fluffy and moist, just like they promised.

So what milestones have been leading up to today's celebratory post?

I missed my 100th post, but I went ahead and counted them to find out that interestingly it was about getting awarded my first Liebster Award, so it was a celebration alright!

I started the year 2015 writing my 200th post. and my new year's resolution was to live off CHF 30 or less a day. The post contained a list of groceries to show you the price difference for groceries between Switzerland, Germany and the United States. Stunning!

In my official post to celebrate 300 of them, my then seven year old son asked me what my biggest dreams were.

For some reason I can't seem to find a special post on occasion of 400 posts, but upon counting I found out it was a made up story called Payback on Halloween.

When I had 500 posts to celebrate, I treated my blog to a new layout and changed its name from Confessions of a part-time working Mom to Part-time working Hockey Mom because my son Colin got accepted to the youth team, which was going to make his (and mine as his driver and loyal supporter) hockey career way more intense.

The 600th post happened shortly before Christmas 2017, and I made the cutest melting snowman cookies.

I posted my 700th post a little before the 6 years' blogversary, to which I was awarded another Liebster Award.

My 800th post collided with my 7 years' blogversary. I celebrated with Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake.

And now we're on our way to the 1,000th somewhen in 2021? We'll see.

Thank you for sticking around and encouraging me; I appreciate your support!


  1. Congratulations!! Super effort.

  2. A wonderful milestone. Congratulations and I'm glad the cinnamon buns tasted yummy. Weekends In Maine

  3. Congratulations! I like the way you celebrate ;)


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