20 Days of Chill 2020 - A cocktail, if you will

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Welcome back to 20 Days of Chill. Today's prompt is 

A cocktail if you will

Sadly, I don't have any cocktail waitress or bartender experience in my job portfolio. 

I'm not even that big of a cocktail person at all. If you've been following me, you know I'm perfectly happy with my glass of plain Prosecco or Champagne.  

I do, however, have a Margarita story for you guys. Here goes:

I was in charge of organising a business event that was flawed in several ways:
  • I was feeling self-conscious because I wearing weird pants because my knee was swollen, courtesy of torn ligaments.
  • I wasn't feeling all too well because I was on pain medication, plus I was nervous
  • I didn't have a speech ready
  • I am not a public speaker
  • I have stage fright
Yes, I'm not kidding. I had spent a decent amount of time creating invitations that caused about 200 people to confirm their attendance, hiring a guest speaker, choosing miniature cheese quiches and two or three kinds of wine, I but I didn't have my welcome speech. 

Not on paper, not even in my head. 

Just thinking of what I might say made me too nervous, so I figured I'd just wing it. Free speech was more authentic than reading off notes anyway.

I still had no clue what to say on my way up the hill to the castle, sweating like a pig, groaning with pain and thinking why the hell didn't I force myself to write a speech, even if it was a generic one!

Just as I wanted to go in and feel the room, Mr P, the CEO, approached me and wished me luck. "This is great stuff here, congratulations!" 

Geez, I was gonna need all the luck in the world! The small knights' room that I rented on the castle's premises was packed!! 

They even had to set up seats where there's usually an aisle! 

I could feel adrenaline rushing into my veins, and not in a good way, let me tell you.

My legs were wobbly as I climbed the two or three steps to the stage. Grabbing the microphone my hands were shaking, and my voice was trembling badly when I said "Hello and welcome to Lenzburg!"

In the front row some of my favorite clients were giving me a thumbs up, and I said to myself "none of them would like to switch places with me, but all of them are supporting me" 

And I winged it. Somehow.

The presentation went well, and soon we proceeded to miniature cheese quiches and wine.

I was so very relieved and happy, and I made it my goal to clink glasses with each and every participant. Remember, there were a good 200 of them!

Photo by Matthieu Joannon on Unsplash

Add to that the pain killers I was on. 

I was at my best. Or probably beyond. 

I didn't notice though. I didn't care either, that's for sure.

Later we went to a TexMex Bar. Just my coworkers, a handful of our best clients, and I. 

They were doing Tequila shots and asked why I didn't join them. 

"I don't like plain Tequila." 

Well, what do you like then? 


So they went ahead and ordered every variety on the menu: peach, strawberry, mango, you name it. 

Photo by ALFONSO CHARLES on Pixabay

Fast forward a couple of hours.

9am at my apartment. The phone rang. And rang. And rang. Until somebody picked it up. It was an old woman with a hoarse voice, feeling very hungover and confused who answered the phone. 

She assured her boss that she was gonna be at the office in about an hour, showered and bright eyed.

Have you had similar experiences? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. Though I have friends who probably would have similar stories (well the last part anyway), I can't say I have. I hesitate to have any cocktails around co-workers or in a work setting. It's just me as a whole. At least the speech went well!

  2. LOL oh yes! Margarita's if done correctly, can knock you on your behind. They are so good and if it is hot weather, you knock back a few too many too quickly. Then bam...the next morning you're wondering what train hit you and if anyone got the number.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade


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