A - Z Blogging Challenge 2022 - Theme Reveal

Welcome to the 2022 A-Z Blogging Challenge Theme Reveal post!

We'll be posting ever weekday throughout the month of April. There is going to be a blog post for each and every of the 26 letters of the alphabet - yes, even the hard ones - which makes this a daily job, except Sundays.

It's going to be my eighth time around. Wow, time is flying while you're having fun!

In 2015 I was talking about aspects of the life of a (part-time) working Mom, there wasn't even much hockey in the picture yet. There were, however, balancing acts, commutes, caffeine, guilty feelings and overwhelm, just to name a few.

In 2016 I was invited to a wedding at the West coast, and it came at pretty short-notice, so for a moment I worried about the challenge. The next second I decided this was genius, my theme was going to be on the go, and voilà, A is for Arrival in Los Angeles, P is for Pike Place Market and Z is for when I got back to Zurich.

In 2017 I had ambitious goals of losing 30 pounds and getting into shape, and I did! From Avocado Brownies till Zumba, I just about covered everything.

The following year, 2018, I took you on a journey, kind of a trip around the world, even. 26 cities or national parks I have visited and loved! I used S for Sydney, so I had to squeeze in San Francisco at O is for Oakland ;-)

In 2019 I was talking about all things justice system! 
Prosecution and defense, forensics and polygraph tests - I tried to cover it all.

In 2020 I was talking about Switzerland, my quadrilingual home country. I told you what an alpine ascent is, what cheese varieties go into a Swiss Fondue, and more importantly how the holes get into the Emmentaler. Also you got to learn about International Organizations (think UN, WHO, Red Cross) in Switzerland. I threw in some sightseeing and yodelling of course.

Last year, I used sayings, idioms, proverbs and quotes and made them come to life. So we picked apples - the ones that didn't fall far from the Tree and swam with the Sharks and confirmed that Travel broadened our Minds.

So it's 2022! What are we going to do this year? 

After so much traveling and writing, I say we deserve a break. 

A coffee break that is. 

Are you game? 

I used to work for Starbucks, and I have so many nice memories and a handful of friends who still work there, so I am going to be talking about all things related to the world of coffee: 

  • Where is coffee planted?
  • How are the coffee cherries harvested, processed and roasted? 
  • What are the varieties and differences? 
  • What's the most expensive coffee, and why is it so special? 
  • What preparation methods are there?
  • What about the caffeine content?
  • Who is Howard Schultz, and what was his role in the creation of what Starbucks is today?

I'm excited - are you?

See you on April 1st!

PS: If you're a blogger yourself, and you'd like to join the fun, check out this post and sign up here. Are you on Social Media? They have a Facebook Group for the participants of the challenge.

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  1. Haha, not my cup of...coffeee...as I don't like it in the slightest. For example, as a teen, my mum put a spoonful of coffee in a huge chocolate mudcake (without telling me). I had one mouthful and couldn't eat anymore because of the coffee flavour (which no-one else could taste, lol). Funnily enough, Starbucks cannot get a toe hold in Australia because no-one here likes their coffee.

  2. I used to love coffee - I can not drink it anymore. Both caffeine and the acid in coffee cause me major bladder irritation (painful) and I drink a coffee substitute made of grain now. Having said that, I tried twice to grow coffee trees in my office. Neither was successful. I will plan to drop in from time to time.


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