Ultimate Blog Challenge - A Cup of Self Reflection

Welcome back to another episode of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Today's assignment is yet again to create a resources list. I did this on Day 7 of this current challenge and on Day 25 of the previous one, so I'm not going to be repeating myself. 

Here's what I am going to do instead: 

Dominique, one of my fellow bloggers posted A Cup of Self Reflection, a positivity exercise that included going out for coffee and reflecting on oneself. My interested was sparked!

So I'm going to give this a try.

What makes me special, likeable and different? I'm someone who bounces back easily and sees the positive side in most situations. This makes it easy for me to find joy in live. I'm creative and solution-oriented. I mess up - I'll find a way to fix it. However, I'm also someone who doesn't like to toot her own horn, that's why this post is challenging for me. 

What would you say are your most redeeming qualities? I like to think I'm generous and helpful, sometimes to the point that people take advantage of that fact. I take care of people and have a soft spot for underdogs and injustice, which caused me to prevented the unjustified dismissal of a warehouse clerk.

Imagine if someone were tasked with the job of writing your eulogy - the qualities and gestures you'll be remembered for during the course of your life. A few years ago a classmate from college passed away from cancer. I was shocked. I had just seen him and talked to him a couple of months ago. His funeral was bittersweet. I mean, memorial services are not supposed to be a happy event, but the fact that so many family members, friends and neighbours spoke at the ceremony - and of course what they had to say - was beautiful. This caused me to think about my own funeral, of course hoping it'll be in the far future. I summarized my thoughts in a post, down to the songs I want to be played. 

What do you think people would say about you? I guess I would be remembered for being a good and discreet listener, as someone reliable with a positive energy, who would always make an effort to bring and keep people together. Be it a class reunion, a scavenger hunt around the world or a St. Patrick's Day party. 

What would you want them to say? I hope they would call me a great Mom and nice person in general who made a positive impact on their lives. I would also hope that there would be something that'll keep my memory alive. A nice encounter we had, a place they walk by and think "Tamara loved it here". Most will probably not get to La Jolla Cove, but you get the sentiment. 

If the you who you are today isn't meeting up with the expectations that you have in your own head of who and how you want to be, what changes can you make to move closer to your own personal goals? Goal setting and I are no friends. I like to say my only goal in life is to be happy, and I wrote about it here. Fortunately I am here to tell you that I have achieved my goal. My new goal is to maintain the level of happiness and to see our son grow up. 

Whoa, that was some intense soul searching.

Would you be up to tackle this exercise? 


  1. Soul searching is a task not limited to the end of one year and the beginning of the next. I believe it needs to be undertaken more frequently, perhaps at the end of each month, or as the spirit moves. Perhaps a task best undertaken each moment!

  2. I think what makes me special is I am a positive person and even if negativity gets in my way, I can always find something positive to say about it first. In my eulogy, the first thing that would be said was that I talk too much and walk to fast!

  3. Great job with another resources list ;-) YOU are your best resource and you certainly show it. Your post reminds me of the exercise to "Write Your Own Eulogy" and then use that as your bucket list so you can fulfill the list and accomplish it all.

    Your post accurately describes you and nothing seemed to surprise me based on other posts that I have read.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Many of us are hesitant to talk about ourselves because we feel uncomfortable, but all it is, is self-expression.

    In my eulogy, I'll hazard a guess that one of the things that will be said is. 'she was always helpful.'

    Btw, we share a lot of characteristics:)

  5. The older I get the more I am comfortable with who I am

  6. It is hard to dig deep sometimes. Great job here.

    Janet’s Smiles

  7. Oh, this makes me so happy! I am so glad the post inspired you -- I love this post! I have spent a lot of time with self-reflection while I went going through my kidney drama. It's one of the reason I finally wrote that novel I am trying to finish edits on now...

    In my eulogy, I suspect most people would say I was very nice and smart. It's typically how I have been described since childhood. Then the person would add "tall". It was almost like people didn't think I knew I was tall! ha ha

  8. Love this post. My goal for this year is to accept myself more

  9. Your personality certainly shines through, Tamara. I would find it very hard not to like you. As for myself, I'm a bit grumpy. I've been told I'm eccentric and would say out loud what other people would only think. I've given that some thought lately and am silent a little more. :-)


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