Glossary on Miller Family's Adventures

I started the short story series on a fictional New York family moving to Zurich, Switzerland, at the beginning of 2018.

In the meantime I introduced a couple of characters, and I thought it'd make sense to list them - if only for the sake of being able to keep track myself. I will do my best to update this glossary.

Here goes:

The Millers
Caroline, the Mom, grew up in California and attended Stanford Medical School for about three years. During that time she went out with fellow future physician Jeremy, until she found out he had a fling with her best friend Lucy. Caroline moved to Paris, France, her Mom's home, and graduated from American Graduate School with a Master's Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. She worked on different projects for the United Nations in New York City. In Switzerland she joined the International Committee of the Red Cross, ICRC, in Geneva.
With David recovering from his partial liver transplant, Caroline is trying to carry all of the familiy's responsibilities, and it's taking its toll, she's emotionally and physically exhausted. However, she still takes it upon her to try and work on her "Swiss Immersion" as she calls her efforts to learn German, explore the country and find out about local customs like the recycling center and honesty system farm stores.
Just as David is almost ready to be released from the hospital, Caroline and the kids fly over to spend a few days at Disney World.

David, the Dad, is from Connecticut, where his parents still live. He has been working for insurance companies in the Tri-State Area, most recently for Swiss Re, which got him his first international assignment to join the Swiss Headquarters in Zurich. 
In early June he's enquiring about prematurely terminating his expat contract.
David's Dad Jack died in a car accident he was involved in with his grandson Jason.
David has an older sister, Donna, who is divorced from Sean, who turns out not to be Jason's biological Dad. Their son Jason (17) was involved in an animal rights liberation stunt and got badly injured in the process of getting away. 

Daughter Victoria, 11, was used to attend school more for the aspect of socializing until she started high school in Switzerland where not only she has to study hard to keep up with her classmates, but where she has to make an effort to find new friends. Vicky, as most people call her, is allergic to cat hair.

Son Max, 9 years old, is pretty low maintenance. As long as he gets to play hockey, he's a happy camper. He joined the kids ZSC Lions team where he trains several times a week and has to get used to the slightly different rules and the larger size of the ice rink. 

Their golden retriever Brinkley is friends with the next door neighbor's black lab lady.

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Caroline's med school boyfriend. After graduating from Stanford Jeremy worked for a pharmaceutical company for a couple of years. Today he supervises the Western European airport facilities for American Airlines to make sure their staff is cared for and airworthy at all times. He reconnected with Caroline Miller at the Red Cross St. Patrick's Party in Geneva.

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The Forsbergs
The Miller family's next door neighbors are a friendly retired couple who have become some kind of adoptive grandparents to the Miller's kids:
Arvid is the husband. He used to work for IKEA in Sweden and got transferred to Switzerland when they established their first store here almost 50 years ago.
Lykke is the wife, a former nurse at Zurich University Hospital.
Pepper is their black lab lady.

The Howards
Jessica is the Mom.
Henk is the Dad
Marietta is their 14 year old daughter who found herself pregnant. Her baby girl Stella was born September 7, 2018.
Kyra, 11, the younger daughter, is friends with Victoria Miller.
The Johanssons
Left Switzerland in May 2018 to go back to their home country South Africa. Before the departed, they threw a farewell party which all the above mentioned neighbors and friends attended.
In one of the neighborhood's houses there's an art dealer whose son killed his friend on Dec 30, 2014. He's been in prison since, serving his 12.5 years sentence.

The Pelletiers
Nicole, a young mom from Newfoundland, Canada, will have to finish her education that was interrupted by her teenage pregnancy 10+ years ago.
Her husband Joël is Pascal Pelletier's cousin. Joël works for ETH, Zurich's Institute of Technology, researching neurofeedback. 
Cloé, their daughter, turns 11 and will most likely start Inter Community School after the summer break. We also expect her to make friends with Victoria Miller and Kyra Howard.
The Pelletiers moved into the Johanssons' house in May 2018.

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